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Benefits of Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

Benefits of Male Hormone Replacement Therapy


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Advantages of Male Hormone Substitute Remedy

benefits of male hormone replacement

Expensive Wholesome Males: A current information launch advised that males with low testosterone ranges could have enchancment in sexual perform and high quality of life. How can I decide whether or not I can profit and what questions ought to I ask my physician?

A: Earlier than we get into the small print of the newly reported advantages of testosterone remedy—together with the scope of these advantages and the boys almost certainly to see them—let’s speak about what, precisely, testosterone is, what it does, and what constitutes “low ranges” (additionally generally known as “low T,” “andropause,” and even “male menopause”).

To begin with, testosterone is an important male hormone (though ladies have measurable ranges as nicely). In a nutshell, it’s what makes males males—at the least bodily. It’s manufactured within the testicles and performs a big function in puberty (together with penis and testicle progress and voice deepening), muscle and bone progress and growth, energy, intercourse drive, and fertility.

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